Ever since the ancient times, when it was discovered, tea became an irreplaceable part of lifestyles of different civilizations.

To some it represented a ritual, to others a status symbol, pleasure, health. In thousands of years’ long history of tea, its preparation and consumption represent constant inspiration to those who drink it as well as to those who make it.

And every cup of tea today is unique exactly for the way it is prepared, the cup it is poured in, the pleasure of those who will drink it... This is why we created Lords teas with a special desire that their flavor, warmth, smell become a favorite unique moment of your day.


Today, there are no more rules as to how to enjoy a cup of tea. Discover your way.

And search for a special place. Perhaps, you will wish to be in your favorite cozy chair on a snowy winter day with a warm cup of relaxing hibiscus tea. Or you might cool your hot summer days with ice mint leaf tea on a sea view balcony. Perhaps your will warm up your rainy afternoon with tender chamomile flavor, or meet the night with a seductive mixture of green tea leaves and jasmine petals...

Explore, combine wonderful flavors we have prepared for you with your desires and needs. And the magic is here!

Uživajte u svakom posebnom trenutku uz Lords čajeve!Enjoy every special moment with Lords tea