Naši ukusi za vaše posebne trenutke.

black tea box

My favorite time of day is evening, once I complete all my obligations and think of rest, relaxation and socializing. this is the time when it is too late for coffee and too early for some other drink, this is my moment for tea-black with a sip of milk. An introduction to a good night.

Ivana L.
chamomile tea box

My grandmother always used to make me chamomile tea, for sore throat, to keep me warm, to take away stomach ache... Even today, chamomile tea is my favorite remedy for the problems, and my sweet return to childhood.

Maja R.
orange tea box

My favorite moment when I think of drinking tea… definitely when I put a bag of black tea and orange into a big cup of hot water. That first strong orange scent… mmmmm! And the real pleasure is what comes after, I take newspaper, sit back in an armchair, put the tea next to me and enjoy that dark and magical drink for a long time. A perfect ending to a hard day!

Marija J.
cranberry tea box

I love Sunday mornings when I drink cranberry tea with my little daughters. I think I will remember those moments forever.

Sanja C.
green tea box

That peace of the morning, when everyone’s asleep. A view from my balcony to the rising sun, with a cup of green tea in my hand. This is the moment when time stands still.

Jovana S.
wild cherry tea box

My favorite moments are with wild cherry tea, music and a book. Perfect things for relaxation.

Marina U.
mint tea box

Mint tea, I’m not sure, is more perfect when warm, refreshing or ice tea for cooling hot summer days. Definitely, my favorite tea, for all occasions!

Milica S.
jasmine tea box

Something seductive, different, reminds of far away places, sea and Orient... This is my cup of green tea with jasmine petals!

Valentina C.
lemon tea box

My moment for tea is when I arrive to work. I know the day is going to be good with the first sips of green tea with lemon flavor.

Mateja R.
rose hip tea box

My favorite moment is just now! I have a flu and I really caught a cold. The very hold and smell of this sweet, hot scent of rose hip tea makes me feel better. And just how much it helps my red throat.

Zorana G.
green mint tea box

Ever since I took up yoga, after the training my best friend and I drink a cup of green tea with mint.

Biljana K.
strawbery tea box

As a little girl I loved having tea parties for my friends. The main drink was strawberry tea, of course. Even now when I feel that scent, I go back to those carefree days.

Sandra P.
hibiscus tea box

By the window, looking over the snow on the mountain, in the warmth of the mountain home, with a cup of hot hibiscus tea. A unique moment...

Marko J.