Leading board meeting software allows you to conduct effective meetings without using paper. Its features help you plan meetings, make agendas and share documents with just a click. It assists you in keeping track of meeting notes take decisions, and distribute important information about your company.

It reduces the amount of paper used and also the emissions caused by printing and ink. This results in millions of trees being saved each year. It also reduces demand for office equipment and energy costs.

Secure Documents

It is essential to safeguard your company’s sensitive data from theft and leakage. Permission control can assist you to accomplish this by ensuring that only those with the need to access files are allowed to.

In addition, board management systems provide secure storage for confidential documents. They also allow you to access your files immediately and without the need to pay additional for physical space.

A secure file repository allows you to share documents in real-time to other users. You can also control the access to the content using the role-based feature.

Document creation tools enable you to create agendas and minutes for board meetings. They can be sent to all attendees in one click. You can even send them to directors who are absent to get their approval.

Simple recording with time boxes and eSigatures that are convenient allows you to record precise minutes. The minute-taking procedure is simple and accurate. This ensures that important details are accurately recorded.